Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Beginning

Hello all! This blog is dedicated to my husband, Rory; his sister, Tammy; and his mother, Esther.

As the family genealogist, I have many handwritten notes and postcards from White/Davis/Arbogast/Waltrip ancestors. This blog will be a snapshot of those notes. The information will be truly in random order. And it will be transcribed exactly how it appears on the postcard.

Perhaps you will get a peek into what it looked like to live in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Have fun reading these glimpses into their life. Leave comments. Join me as I go.........

January 18, 1939 6PM
Mr. W.J. Waltrip
Westfield, Illinois
Box 193
Dear Father,
We hope you are feeling real good these wintry days. Lots of love. From Aline & John.
(postcard is of Formal Garden and Conservatory, Lincoln Park; postmarked Chicago, Ill. Stock yards)

January 18, 1939 6PM
Miss Lolita Waltrip
Westfield, Illinois
Box 193
Dear Lolita,
How are you and what are you doing these days. Remember Mei Mei. I thought you would like this.
Love, Aline
(postcard is of Mei Mei, Giant Panda, Chicago Zoological Park at Brookfield; postmarked Chicago, Ill. Stock Yards)

February 22, 1937 10AM
Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Waltrip
Westfield, Illinois
Dear Folks:
We are spending some time in Florida. Had a pleasant trip down. Hope this finds you feeling better.
D.W. Brown
(postcard is of the fountain at Flagler Street, Entrance to Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida; postmarked Miami, Fla.)

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